The good love

Everything I ever wanted , Knowing I found beauty in loves longevity it keeps me going

The good love

Smiling just because I think of you , You can keep my heart captive just dont let it shatter into two

The good love

Conversations and energies that last for ever , Your love so good you gave me a seat in heaven

The good love

The mystery in your eyes tell a deep story , Peace , Joy and divinity something no one could ever destroy

The good love

Something that Ive always been searching for , You came into my life and give me more than what I can ask for

The good love

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— Almighty Sonoxo



I have a new found glory for living my lifes story

Reading , Self Studying , Eliminating whats not for me

Some of us work hard , But its hard not to worry

Were all running a different race to lifes end in a hurry

Ill show you all the beauty thats within , I am him

You have to know yourself in this life of ignorant tolerance

Things start to change when you start to repent

I eliminated self doubt and the magic began

I hold my finger tips throwing up my mantras like their street signs

An old soul of gold in a world who shines to lead the blind

I found true love , Real love is true , It never hides

Focused on my craft in this writing so it free’s my mind

More Self appreciation

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— Almighty Sonoxo



Im on the edge of a cloud , These moments they make me proud

A leap away from faith twirling watching the earth smile

I may have made mistakes but I still have real ones around

They know my hearts intent , Im just blending inside the crowd

Filters and hidden frowns just to earn you a couple likes

How do you even function knowing you aint living your life ?

How do you even function fronting like you want the growth ?

Blood is thicker than water thats why theyd rather take the oath

Im taking them as a joke

These people aint really real

Real love masked into fake love and desires

No wonder they never healed

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— Almighty Sonoxo



As the heavens and the universe rotate , I dont speculate

Im waiting on the matrix to break

To dynamic minds who dont understand the challenges that someone weak created money , religion and time

Imagine your whole history on a rug thats pulled from under you

Imagine living in a culture thats divided and youre the same color to

Imagine being smart , kinky hair in the ghetto , Fatherless , Single parent

Middlechild peeping everyones bullshit so I cared less

We all have a story featuring pain and glory

Cloned from the energy of the creator

Narrator of my lifes story

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— Almighty Sonoxo



Computer Automation

Useless Debates about corporations

Indigenous gods fighting for equality and reparations

3 Mass Shootings in California violence to make you famous

Kids and Teens with no discipline their numb and painless

Tik Toks of men and women spatting at each other feeling unappreciated

What Im saying is this new world is transcendant to every low vibration

Families on their last bit of love for all the chosen

Good people being finessed out of opportunites to hearts that are pre-broken

Inflations inflating everyones life to feel hopeless

The babies really need us to be strong but whose coaching ?

We all know right from wrong , Ask yourself which way are you going ?

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— Almighty Sonoxo



A good glass of water to cleanse my soul

I wrote down a few words on my mental scroll , Im giving thanks

Im on my way to living out my best life , Fuck the fear of unknown

Some of you can fear whats to come but im in cruise control

Colder than than the north pole , But im learning to recieve

Money , Power , Pain and Poision the media loves grief

Im accepting I cant learn anything from this false reality

Thoughts I had as I gently collected to myself and proceeded to turn off the tv

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Knowledge of self

Knowledge of the unknown

Knowledge of wisdom , From things we out grow

Knowledge of love , passion , connection , feelings that are receptive

Knowledge of using my energy to move in the right direction

Knowledge comes from triumph and morals blended with sacred lessons

Knowledge is the only thing I had when I was caged in

Knowledge is the key its the power to your awakening

Knowledge is the reason that your trauma wont leave

Knowledge is the hidden problem the culture cant resolve , I speak from within my flesh deep in my souls vault

Knowledge is the reason I believe in lifes worth

Until you gain some knowledge you will continue to the curse



Adversity spotted me on every corner

It took a whole lot of hope just to keep going

I had to get it out my system had to turn up , I did a whole lot of living and never gave up

You people look real stupid trying to play with us

But were true to the gift of art you cant change much

Real love will hold you down just stay tough

Emotions running deeply as I majestically stay afloat

Learning different schemes so my poetry stays dope

Skating in lines my thoughts are the views from heavens windows