I look into your pride , I dont read minds

Theres so much thats hidden in between when you lie

I live to remember im alive , Im going to rise

Even the sunshine went away when the sadness showed up like ‘suprise’

I know theres fear in trying to change paths

Please dont ever pray for cash , You say things you cant take back

I forgive you but behind this mask I smile

I know my word can pierce through your evil eye



Can I say , You make me feel complete

I know these things are hard , But our souls are meant to be

I use my art as mirrors so the world can know and see

Im changing , Manifesting all the powers in my reach

My feelings hide and seek

Sometimes we rarely speak

The silence that you bring to me is something so unique

I havent felt fatigued in days im feeling at my best

I practice coping everyday to get it off my chest

I guess its in the technique when im venting out my stress

I know one day well fly , The finish line is true success

— Never the less



6am another dice roll to win again

I know that while im here I can love you through my sentences

I was searching through the grief

Searching for peace

Experiencing love through the worlds dichotomy

Looking for a way out , Some people never live out

Whole time I was really searching for me

Im using all my gift for higher purposes , That can really set me free

Its not easy being called by god , In a world thats chaotic , Robotic , and Full of things we dont need

My thoughts are like seeds , Life is watering me

Watch me grow strong , Dropping fruits from my tree

Lifes nourishing my soul , Its good to just ‘Be’

Lets open our minds to the real motions and patterns of the globe , So we can live free

I know my place in society



Whats more to gain in life , I wash opponents out

Manifesting all good things without a doubt

I redirect my intellect to show them differently

We can still have differences and still have chemistry

I shouldve been a teacher , I couldve been a doctor , I couldve been like you if I felt I had no options

Im sticking to my script and Im working on my problems

Im thankful for the elders for instilling all this knowledge

Butterfly effect , Existing here in multitudes

Life is just one big circle , Im in my parents shoes

I take a breath of fresh life as I ascend to different altitudes

One thing I learned is some people want and Never do



The moon’s glowing , The real love in the night time is showing now

Ill reveal my flaws if you wish , But what are you about

Don’t compare my truancy , I’m doing gods blessing

Don’t take my love for granted to use it as a weapon

Life is a collective , The universe collection

I’m moving with purpose my hearts working the pedals

Accel by any measure

No fame no medals

What I mean is that I shine without the need for constant credit

I’m me



Don’t run off the edge of life and leave your heart behind

Don’t lead with your brain and leave your faith behind

Those seem to be the rules of life and mankind

You won’t ever be the same when you learn to fly

You won’t ever be the same when you learn to run

Some of us know the way to our own path

I didn’t know speaking up would push you further away

I always knew you’d come and never counted on you to stay

I’m breathing in the chimes and exhale the lofi

My clocks set back an extra hour before day light

I wished upon a star it helps me sleep good at night

Reminiscing about nights on Richmonds cities side



Sun gaze always this day wont last long

Trying new things everyday cant replay the same song

I gotta do it while im here , I wont be here for long

The love is running through my veins it helps me stay strong

Hand to my heart beat , Its no pressure to flex effortlessly

How do you love without conditions ? But dont want to be free?

How do you love without conditions ? And it comes with a fee?

Remember your purpose in our universe is beyond what they see

Some people live to want for nothing , But thats not what you need

Some people live to want for nothing , They dont change history