“God Father “

You understand me

My crazy my sanity

My demons , my heavens , my truths , my alters vanities

I feel your memories flowing through me just like a vein

I believed in you , You tell me it’s me to blame

Fuck it all

My life’s not a charge card

My life’s not a platform to launch you to your goals

Our light ain’t the gateway that you’re looking for

You open a window I don’t jump

You open the door


I explore

Everything in gods plan

They handed me all aces

You thinking that I’m playing

They handed me all greens and still Sam I am saying , I exist only after this for my son , The green eggs and the ham

You comical like kablam

Whole family is an outcome

A view of petty shit that your legacy won’t outrun

A rerun of the shit your legacy get out played

The children believe in my sources because I always stand on what I what I say

— God Father , Almighty Sonoxo 🌹



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