“Grave Digger “ 🌹🥀🌹🥀

No complaints

Fuck your excuses

Just readjustments and solutions

You hold your dream for ransom to blame an outsource for why you could never do it

You running man in place with stationary movements

You Micheal Jackson on every goal that never beat us to it

You toothless , You Slimy , You kill off good people living blindly

You forgive yourself for direct intentions on your mission in your crime spree

You’re a blood drinker

You read from the book and ignored the star sequence they put you in shining candles on you to give you a look

It was written

Dark composition

They teach you to go against your own the heir thickens

They teach you to be become another clone they so wicked

That’s what happens when you let them lead your soul

You grave digger

— Almighty Sonoxo




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