Outside In

Our minds a Rubik’s , How we shape shift all these visions with precision

I squeeze out the paint onto my hand pallet of the prism

I drew the line to define that boredom holds the wisdom

As I , Draw the raindrops the sounds hitting on my window

I had to cool off I sat the fan to high up on the ceiling

One day I’ll transcend but before that I’ll inspire a million children

See the thing about life is you can’t ace for perfection

But you can beat the odds to even out the message

I took all that pain to the pen and wrote down all my ideas

The magic happened and I knew that it was real

See they’ll be non believers , Haters , Fakers , Narcissist to all your levels

We bury them where they belong in the past without a shovel

Last thing about this life , Be creative , Don’t you dare give up , It’s what you make of it

On my tombstone write “ He was one black man that did that shit and didn’t quit"

— Almighty Sonoxo



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