Strawberry Moon 🍓🌝

Strawberry Moon

Our times coming soon

Execute the game for my offspring to use

Excuse the ways that make mockery of you fools

I could get real ignorant but that’s just something I don’t do

We on a battlefield

Our reality is real

We crashed onto earth knowing time wasn’t real

You believe all the spells and the magic tricks they sell

You low vibrational my crown chakra parasails

Above the disappointment

My kind fly to the love of the truth your kind stay in cocoons we have breakthroughs downloading the knowledge my ancestors anointed

You speak of god but banter the chosen ?

Everyone knows you’ll burn in misery your company will show it

I’ll piss on the roses your corpse erodes in

I’ll watch your death in pain and build a mountain of success on your erosion

— Almighty Sonoxo

Strawberry Moon 🌙 🍓



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